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09 December 2011 @ 03:42 pm
Hello everyone! I apologize for ignoring the LJ community for a while. These days I almost never use LJ anymore, and while I'll try to remember to update here with new releases, most will be done through Facebook or Mailing list in the future. (which I just now noticed that the link isn't working for anymore so I will try and get that fixed soon!) Hopefully this won't be a problem for anyone!

In any case, there are a few new items in the shop now, some sd13 shirts and MSD jeans and hopefully more in the next few weeks if all goes well. Thanks again everyone!
15 July 2011 @ 04:15 pm
Well, I guess I should give up on ever meeting the deadlines I set for myself, as once again I'm late! XD; But I shall keep trying! :3

This release I got my screen-printing mojo back on a little, with some rising sun tanks, scissor tees as well as some good old black turtlenecks and hoodies, as well as some plaid pants for dollshe and SD13. Check them out over at the etsy shop as usual! ^^

Also, I do hope to soon try to expand the line a little outside the doll world by making outfits and clothing for those little dolls that won't ever sit still because they're crawling all over the house and stuffing everything they see into their mouths! I'll be doing a trail run of baby wear in the near future, mostly for girls at the moment, as doing those frilly little skirts and dresses are just too fun! But don't worry, I'll definitely be continuing the doll clothing line as well as I do hope to expand to EID sizes once I can get the funds together.

In any case, hope everyone enjoys this new release!
27 May 2011 @ 04:57 pm
Hey hey again everyone! Today's update will be a little different, as in the midst of working on new items I managed to get myself quite distracted with fine detailing and finished up a few one-off outfits for sale instead.

So today we've got some snazzy Maitre D' outfit sets for Dollshe and SD13, as well as an Aristocrat Suit one-off for SD13, and a Steampunk-inspired Flight Suit onoff also for SD13! I hope you enjoy them! I do have some more clothing separates in the works which I hope to have up soon as well so no worries there. ^^

I'd also like to remind you to look up SNE Designs on Facebook! For those interested in seeing me at work, I've been posting previews and photos of projects in process there. I'll also be posting coupon codes for free shipping there in the future as well! (Once etsy gets a bug or two worked out there, as it's being glitchy on me today, boo.)

Thanks again for all the support and hope you enjoy the new outfits! :D

Check out the new stuff!
30 March 2011 @ 05:53 pm

Eeeep, off to a good start, aren't I? XD; So sorry I wasn't able to get up this update sooner than now. I had intended to have a March release at the beginning of the month, but February turned into one emergency after another and it just wasn't going to happen. >_0

In any case, lots of stuff this update! Jeans, turtlenecks, polos, tees and more! Please check them out above and I hope you enjoy! :D
04 February 2011 @ 01:45 pm

And finally, we're back in full swing with new items available! Please check them out and I hope you all enjoy them! :3